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Today, I’m mosting likely to upload regarding talking English in context!

When English newbies speak English or make sentences, they tend to utilize the expressions that are used in english in English.

So I believe it’s right in english, yet occasionally it becomes awkward in English taht does not fit the situation.

paraphrasing tool bm

I haven’t seen english automobile brand names in Southeast Asian countries.

If you compose this sentence in English as if it remained in english, it would be like the sentence below.

I really did not see Oriental motor brands in South eastern Asian nations.

However if you consider this sentence in context, this composition can be a little awkward!

The above situation is not tyhat I didn’t look at cars, however that there are very few Oriental cars in Southeast Asia, so I can nto see them. So when I claim this sentence, it would be right to state that I didn’t see Oriental autos, right? ^^

Oriental car brands were seldom seen in Southeast Eastern nations.


I could not see a type of english motor brands in South eastern Eastern nations.
I couldn’t see Oriental vehicle brands in Southeast Asia.

It’s not that I didn’t see it, however that I can tell you the circumstance that I really did not see it!

In english, [I really did not see it] is made use of the like [I could not see it], so I made a mistake like “Really did not see it” when I made it in English!

in a similar instance. to like paraphrasing.

The information created dispute.
If you ask me to make this sentence in English, I’ll write “make a dispute” while making it.

individuals write

There are individuals who write similar to this! Yet if you check out this sentence in context, it’s not a debatable figure, it’s a debatable number!

So in this sentence, you ought to not really feel unpleasant by claiming the verb [reason] to prompt, stimulate. The news has actually been made use of to say: debatable. Situational word: controversial.

Nevertheless, if you equate the above sentence right into english in reverse, you can claim [the news produced dispute] We normally say ‘we made it’ in words!

Also in the case of [take a taxi], there are times when I can’t speak since I can not think of the English word [tada] ‘Tada’ is a english expression, and if you consider it in context, it can be seen as an act of tkaing a taxi! So you can express the word ‘take a taxi’ in English, or ‘have a taxi’ as ‘tada’!


I had a taxi last night.
I condemned the taxi last evening.

I take a taxi to go there ~.
I take a taxi to arrive.

I obtain a taxi every early morning.
I take a taxi every early morning.

If you discover words [tada] in a thesaurus, [adventure] appears! So if you ask me to say [to take a taxi], there are individuals that say trip a taxi!

Adventure means to ride, however it’s an act of riding a car directly, such as a horse or a motorcycle! That’s why it has a various subtlety than Tada’s definition to ride a taxi, bus, or metro!